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Founded in 2003, Leket Israel serves as the country's largest food bank and food rescue network actively working to alleviate the problem of nutritional insecurity among Israel's diverse population. Help Israel's Needy - Support Israel's National Food Bank. Read on to learn more.

Statistics reveal that aquarter of Israel’s 7.7 million citizens (1.9 million people) areliving in poverty; among them are some 850,000 hungry children. Yet, atthe same time, literally hundreds of thousands of tons of perfectlygood, nutritious food are needlessly destroyed each year.  Furthermore,studies in Israel indicate that nearly a quarter of the country'spopulation suffers from an imbalanced or insufficient diet due to poverty. 

Theparadox of nutritional insecurity in the face of large scale foodwastage led in 2003 to the establishment of Leket Israel. Today, withthe assistance of 55,000 annual volunteers, Leket Israel operates thecountry’s foremost food rescue programs - reclaiming and distributingover a half million pounds of nutritious food every week to benefit Israel's poor. Fresh produce, prepared meals, and manufactured perishable goodsare rescued or sourced from over 1,000 food suppliers and redistributedfree of charge to 180 nonprofit organizations (NPOs) serving over 140,000 needy people on a weekly basis. In addition, Leket Israel supplies over 1.2 million volunteer prepared sandwiches (7,500-8,000/day) to underprivileged children from 130 schools in over 30 cities.

 As an umbrella organization, Leket Israel also work's to assist at-riskpopulation groups and the NPOs who serve themthrough nutrition education, capacity building, and food safety projects designed to improve professional operating standards. Leket Israel serves all population groups at-risk in Israel regardless of gender, ethnic background, or religion.

Thank you for your interest in Leket Israel. We invite you to support our organization, and to take an active role in  food rescue and hunger alleviation in Israel.

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